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Brazed plate heat exchanger notable feature

For the majority of users to save the investment and freight to provide a guarantee
1. compact, easy to install
Using thin films
High insulation factor
Lag less liquid
2. less water consumption
Brazed plate heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, it only needs the same cooling conditions equivalent shell and tube heat exchanger 1/3 of the cooling water flow.
3. low fouling factor
High turbulence reduces the fouling factor, thereby reducing the number of cleanings.
4. light weight
Only the equivalent of a shell and tube heat exchanger unit 20% to 30%.
5. durable
Can withstand high temperatures (250 degrees) and high pressure (45bar)
Clear corrosion problems
Canceled the gasket
6. high-quality
Over the years of operating experience in the field of heat transfer and precise computer-aided design, Bürkert plate heat exchanger with the domestic same industry leading standards. Our products are widely used in metallurgy, food, light industry, chemical industry, and other fields of refrigeration and HVAC

According to the type of solder, brazed plate heat exchanger can be divided into

Nickel brazing
Plate materials AISI 316L
Interface material AISI 304
Brazing material Ni
Maximum design temperature 150℃
Minimum design temperature -160℃
Maximum design pressure 15barg
Plate materials AISI 316L/304
Interface material AISI 304
Brazing material Cu
Maximum design temperature 225℃
Minimum design temperature -160℃
Maximum design pressure 45barg

Technical parameters

Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum working temperature
Minimum working pressure
Maximum working pressure
Test pressure
Single volume
Maximum flow water side
Combination plate

Different forms according to external users, the Company provides the following four different types of interfaces

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