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Jiangyin Mingri Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City, the scenic Jiangnan Huangtang Industrial Park, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, east, west, Changzhou, Wuxi, south, north near the Yangtze River. From Oriental Pearl Shanghai is only 1.5 hours drive, road waterway transportation is very convenient. Geography and beautiful environment.

Jiangyin Mingri Machine Co., Ltd.focused on the development and production of brazed plate heat exchangers and heat exchanger, has many years of research and development and design and manufacture of thermal engineering and technical personnel. Designed for businesses supporting plate heat exchanger to provide maintenance services and technical advice to improve user productivity, improve production and living environment and cost savings.

Jiangyin Mingri Machine Co., Ltd. aim is customer-centric, customer demand is the driving force behind the development of tomorrow machinery. Good quality, good service, low operating costs; priority to meet customer needs, to provide users with efficient use of energy solutions that enhance customer competitiveness and profitability.
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